I have received several phone calls, emails, and social media messages asking if 'Cinema Day' is a real thing. The ticket prices do seem too good to be true so I'm not surprised that people are a bit skeptical.

I can confirm that 'Cinema Day' is legit and is a great way for families to enjoy a trip to the theater without breaking the bank. Below you can read about the Minnesota theaters that are participating by offering discounted tickets and concessions.

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How Much Are Movie Tickets?

The-numbers.com has tracked the price of movie tickets every year since 1995. The average cost of admission last year was $10.53.

Throw in a bucket of popcorn, a drink, and a box of candy and the average family could easily drop $60+ seeing a new movie.


National Cinema Day gives you the chance to see movies at 1995 prices.

Back then, a ticket to a movie was less than 5 bucks.

What Is National Cinema Day?

National Cinema Day is a nationwide one-day sale on movie tickets. You can see any movie at any time on Cinema Day for one extremely low price. Only $4 a ticket at most participating theaters.

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The goal is to fill theaters with movie-goers and the special pricing works.

More than 8 million people bought tickets during last year's Cinema Day.

When Is Cinema Day?

Cinema Day is Sunday, August 27th, and many Minnesota theaters are participating with discount tickets and cheaper concessions.


Marcus Theaters locations in Minnesota are offering $4 movie tickets, $3 Hot-Dogs, $3 Sodas, and $3 Beers.  AMC, CMX, and most other chains are also participating. Check your favorite's website for showtimes and pricing info.

Huge list of movies that were made in Minnesota

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