Sadly, this probably won't be the last either.

Andrew Burton

Remember once upon a time when we all thought that if we criticize the retailers enough who decide to open their doors doors early for Black Friday, they'd all follow suit and decide to stay closed like some big box stores are already suddenly doing? Yeah, that theory didn't last long...

While some major retailers and shopping venues (including the Mall of America) have given in to the backlash, one of the largest superstores is doubling down, and even adding a few hours for good measure.

USA Today is reporting that Toys R Us will be opening its doors at 5pm on Thanksgiving Day and keep them open for 30 hours straight until 11pm on Black Friday.

"Our customers have voted at the doors year after year, and they continue to want the option to get an early start on their holiday shopping lists," Joe Venezia, executive VP for the company's global operations, said in a statement.

So before you can even enjoy some pumpkin pie, your family will already be out the door to snag the best door busters Toys R Us can offer. But hey, at least they'll be together... which is what the holidays are all about, right?

Personally I hate this… if your biggest thrill on getting together for the holidays is to go shopping then I feel sorry for you. Some of my best times were spent with my grandpa before he died and listening to his stories while watching football, and now he’s gone. It just makes me appreciate the holidays even more because I got to spend time with him and now I’ll spend that time with my own little family.

Sorry, rant over. But seriously shame on Toys R Us, you WON'T be getting my business.