Forget about not seeing the forest through the trees -- this driver couldn't see the road through them.

Police in Sudbury, Mass. pulled over a driver for carrying a Christmas tree last week that was so immense that it essentially covered the entire vehicle, rendering it dangerous to drive.

Don't believe us? Take a look at a photo below and you'll quickly discover that not only did the motorist have a tough time navigating the roads, but his decision to transport the tree proved hazardous to other non-arbor-enthused drivers.

It's unclear if the motorist received a ticket. Hopefully, he learned his lesson and next year will either get a smaller tree or a bigger car to transport his tree. Or, you know, maybe bring a tractor-trailer to take it away.

If your family is looking for some Christmas fun, you gotta check out Sibley Park in Mankato. It's lit up with over 1.5 million LED Lights. See the video below:


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