The Rochester Police issued a warning about how leaving your car running unattended can lead to your vehicle being stolen and reminded people it's actually illegal to leave your keys in a running vehicle on a street or public parking lot unattended. "Rochester City Ordinance 11-6-9 makes it illegal to park a passenger vehicle on a street or alley with the vehicle running unattended.  The ordinance notes that drivers shall lock the ignition, remove the key and take the key with them."

FYI, It isn't illegal to do so in a private parking lot or your driveway, but your insurance company probably won't cover the loss if your car is taken. And if you're wondering, vehicles with remote starts are fine because there isn't a key in the ignition. What do you think of this ordinance? Do you ever leave your vehicle running unattended with the keys in the ignition? I'm pretty sure nearly everyone has. Have you ever gotten a ticket for doing it?

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