Several years ago Nabisco started getting creative with their classic Oreo cookie and introducing new flavors like Red Velvet and Birthday Cake. This year, they're rolling out Carrot Cake flavored Oreos and the early reviews online are overwhelmingly positive.

The new cookies have started hitting store shelves, but at this time it's not clear if they're available in Rochester. (Please let us know if you've see them!) It looks like they'll be available at Targets and local grocery stores. Unfortunately, the Rochester Targets don't have them, yet. If you really want to try them now you can order them from or take a trip up to the Target in Apple Valley.  Most online reports say they'll be available here in the very near future.

If your New Year's resolution is to lose weight - avoid the cookies - and listen to 106.9 KROC at 3:30p. We've got $600 in cash cards for you to win for workout clothes and a gym membership!

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