I'm a wine girl. I'm also resourceful so naturally, I like to find ways to save money, even on my wine. If you haven't ever been to the Costco liquor store, you really are missing out! Costco usually prices its wine at about 20% below its competition, which can translate into major savings for you. And you can actually buy your wine at Costco even if you don’t have a membership to the warehouse store.

But for those Costco members here in Rochester, life just got sweeter! The Rochester, MN store was chosen to test a discount program that gives "in-store credit" based on your Costco fuel purchase. Costco fuel typically averages about 10 cents cheaper than regular gas station prices. If that wasn't already a perk, you now get 25 cents per gallon on your receipt to use on your purchases in the store.


Last week I actually got CASH BACK when I made my wine purchase with my gas receipts. Costco is literally paying ME to drink wine.

In a recent Reddit article, a user commented "The employee told me that Rochester was chosen as the 1 store in the country to pilot this. She said they have not yet been told of a date when it will end. Just print the receipt at the pump and use the money saved on the bottom of the receipt within 90 days, it's pretty sweet."

Make sure you hit "YES" to print your receipt when you are pumping gas. You can save these up and use them all at once but they do expire after 90 days so keep tabs on them. Cheers!

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