Skip the line and order online because delivery is here! But will it eventually become available in Rochester? My wallet certainly hopes not.

I don't eat there as often as I used to (sorry, but too many recent health scares) but I just read some news from Reuters that's about to change the game here in the Med City, should it come to fruition: Chipotle can now be brought right to your door (or office).

Ordering delivery is as simple as logging onto Chipotle's website or using their app on your smartphone -- select "delivery" and plug in your address.

Nothing immediately popped up on either for me saying it was available in town, so I called both locations here in Rochester and both employees on the other end of the phone gave me a confused "Huh?" like I was on something. I'm not crazy, yo! Just hungry.

I'm hoping my phone calls gets them talking though because from now until September 12th, delivery is free on orders of $10 or more... So c'mon people, let's make this happen!

If you're like me, I'll just keep checking my Chipotle app until something changes and then I'll let you know!

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