Attention Chipotle fans, your local Chipotle may be closing... and soon.

Yep, I had to read that a couple times for it to register myself. Thrillest reports up to 65 restaurants around the country will soon be closing, but Chipotle isn't releasing the exact locations - yet. This comes on the heals of an exciting announcement of Chipotle testing new menu items to lure back it's loyal customers after a series of health scares in recent years.

So while that's somewhat depressing, the article also came with some more upbeat news. According to the story, the company also announced plans to possibly introduce a happy hour promotion that will include $2 tacos and alcoholic drinks, and that you'll soon be able to order delivery through the Chipotle app from around 2,000 stores around the country.

This isn’t the first time Chipotle has closed a number of stores in a short period of time, but it’s all a part of the company’s rebranding. It’s been a rough few years for Chipotle, who has been in multiple headlines for making their customers ill – so a rebranding may not be such a bad idea... I'm just hoping it's not at the expense of our two locations in Rochester!

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