This includes me.

Way back in September, before any of this mess even started, my wife and I decided to make the switch from GarbageMan to Waste Management. In order to do that, we had to pay a small fee upfront and were told our contract would begin in December.

Easy, peasy right? Wrong.

Fast forward three months, and much like everyone else, we were surprised to hear that Waste Management had bought out GarbageMan with zero heads up to it's customers.

It was a few days later that our "GarbageMan" garbage cans were picked up on garbage day... only we never got our replacement ones until three weeks later! Imagine having your entire mayhem from Christmas and beyond just piling up on your deck/backyard. Yep, that's what we dealt with during that time span. Our neighbors were probably thinking we'd begun a terrible hoarding habit or something...Talk about embarrassing!

We even called 4-5 times during those three weeks, and it wasn't until last Wednesday we finally had our prayers answered. So I'm sorry/not sorry for the giant pile of garbage and recyclables they're getting this week.

Turns out we're not the only ones who've had terrible service, because according to KTTC, other Olmsted County residents are saying their service stinks as well, and that includes my own father-in-law who says his cans have been skipped for pickup the past two weeks.

That's a bunch of garbage if you ask me (Pun intended).

Perhaps those same customers, like my father-in-law, are figuring out when their next payment is due so they can shop around and make a switch? Believe me, it's already crossed my mind.

Hopefully Waste Management can get their act together soon and make good on any mistakes before any of that can happen.

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