Danielle's been here a couple of months now, and I'm starting to think she's finally getting comfortable being around our team... maybe a little too comfortable.

I've known Danielle for a number of years, and she's always gone out of her way to say hi to me and my wife on the street. Her Random Acts of Kindness are what really makes her special to Rochester, and for that I have the utmost respect for her.

Having said that, I guess I never knew she had a dark side and liked to play the occasional practical joke on occasion... until today.

Before I get into it, I'll just say that when you're trying to pull a fast one on me, you'd better get up pretty early in the morning to fool me... No seriously, that's when I'm most vulnerable because I'm so damn tired.

So I'll frequently get texts from Danielle with topics ranging from show advice, to computer trouble shooting and everything in between... but it's when I got this text I knew something was up:


Seems innocent enough right? But I knew better:

DT text
DT text 2

The time stamps don't show it because we were typing at the same time, but I saw right through her little scheme right away. Little does she know, I like playing pranks too...

Watch yourself, Teal!

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