We've all been child terrors at one point in our life right? I'm just lucky that my brother didn't disown us after all our nonsense. The list is endless, but sitting at the very top of the "terrible things" list is Dick Tracy.

Hey, it was the 90's, don't judge. Our poor baby brother (who conveniently grew into a 6'8" monster) was the butt of most jokes in our house. It was a bad joke that lasted way too long, I'm talking years. We told Alex that he was adopted. I'm not proud of it, but don't act like you didn't terrorize your siblings too. The story only gets more ridiculous as we continue.

Because one of my other brothers was wearing a Dick Tracy shirt, we said that HE was our REAL brother. We continued by saying the shirts were made for his funeral. Then we took it even further... We said he was eaten by bobcats in the bluffs, and all mom had left was his heart in a bag (which of course was a rock and ketchup).

Is it too late to pretend I didn't do this, because writing it and reading it out loud makes me feel like a real a-hole?

Fortunately Alex still speaks to us! Happy National Sibling Day to my real siblings. ;) I love all of you!

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