A ton of people across the Internet are calling this emotional and mental abuse of a child.

The parents are part of a YouTube channel called DaddyOFive, and this seems to be a running theme with them where they play mean spirited pranks. Be sure to watch the response from the family below as well.

**WARNING: Video Contains Strong Language**

Now here's the response from the family to "ALL THE HATERS":

I'll be completely honest. Watching this video really made me uncomfortable and by the end it really pissed me off.

This was not a prank in any shape or form, it had extremely cruel intentions from the start. I feel so bad for the kids because all they're learning from this is its OK to be mean spirited about things as long as you say "it was just a joke" afterwards.

The whole thing was disturbing. If you watch the follow-up video you'll notice how the kids call their dad "sir". They almost seem afraid of their parents, so of course they're going to say they thought it was funny and it was no big deal.

Look, pranking another adult is one thing, but these parents took things way too far when it comes to kids. They need to rethink how they parent, and more importantly, how to prank in general because this was pretty lame, even by beginners standards.

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