Did you know Kwk Trip has a Kids' Club?

It's a free-to-join club that will make your kids feel like rockstars. Kids love playing with fake credit cards so having a card that actually works and gets them free stuff will definitely make them feel like a big deal!

Read more about the perks your child will receive and how to get them signed up for the Kwik Trip's Milk Moovers® Kids’ Club below.

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How To Sign Up For Kwik Trip's Milk Moovers® Kids’ Club

Credit: Google
Credit: Google

Signing your child up is super easy. You can click here to print off a mail-in registration form or Joining is easy! Applications can also be found at any Kwik Trip/Kwik Star store. After you fill it out your child will receive their Club ID in the mail.

Who Can Join the Kwik Trip's Milk Moovers® Kids’ Club

The club is open to all kids ages 2–12.

What Are the Perks of Kwik's Trips Milk Moovers® Kids’ Club


According to their site, "Milk Moovers® Kids’ Club members receive a FREE Kwikery® cookie, regular cake donut, bagel, apple or orange every time they or a parent buy a pint or more of Nature’s Touch milk."

Plus each kid will receive a birthday card from Kwik Trip on their big day along with some special coupons for various items.

I don't remember any clubs like this being available when I was younger. Did you belong to one that offered freebies when you were a kid? Open our app to chat with us and let us know which club you belonged to.

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