Perhaps you've seen the 11-year old on "Kids Say the Darndest Things," or if you are a college student at the U of M, it would be hard to miss a 4-and-a-half-foot tall kid wandering the halls. Elliot Tanner is a real-life Sheldon Cooper living right here in Minnesota. In other words, a boy genius wise beyond his years.

KSTP recently did an interview with him. His mom says Elliot taught himself to read by age two and was doing division by age four. He finished elementary and high school by age nine. Now, he is a junior at the University of Minnesota. He tells KSTP he wants to be either "a mathematics or physics professor or theoretical physics, or mathematician." Reach for the stars, kiddo!

It sounds like everyone at the university has been very welcoming to the youngster. He was recently recognized as Homecoming Royalty. He is also getting to do some pretty amazing things because of his accomplishments, like join the cast of "Young Sheldon" on set. How cool?!

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