Mother's Day is this weekend! On a new survey, one of the most desired gifts mom wants is something personalized. Here are some fun, clever gifts you can make on a budget. 


  • DIY Photo Canvas

    Here's a throwback to a project I tried years ago! It was such a huge success, we've made probably about a dozen since. It makes a great gift for mom!!

  • DIY Rustic Light

    I still get SO many compliments on this light I made last year. It was so easy make, and really adds a lot to my house. Your mom will LOVE this!!

  • Fruit Soaked Vodka

    Does your mom love booze? Yeah, mine too! The kids are what drives us to drink, right moms? ;)

    This is a fun idea that I did as a Christmas gift, but you could easily throw in some summery fruit (watermelon or strawberries) with either vodka or rum! YUM!!

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    You Won't Believe How Much is Spent on Mother's Day Cards!

    Mother’s Day is Sunday. Have you bought your Mom a card? Flowers? A gift?According to the National Retail Federation the average American will spend more than $170 on Mother’s Day. This figure covers all purchases including taking mom out to eat.

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    Must Have App for Busy Moms!

    Think Pinterest, Blue Apron and the MyFitness Pal app rolled into one! This is an absolutely brilliant app that will make your life so much easier. In my fitness/weight loss journey, I have discovered some pretty amazing things. These things have helped make the process easier, and more manageable. But never before have I found something like this.

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