Mother's Day is Sunday. Have you bought your Mom a card? Flowers? A gift?According to the National Retail Federation the average American will spend more than $170 on Mother's Day. This figure covers all purchases including taking mom out to eat.

So what are we spending our money on?

Greeting Cards: Americans will spend 792 MILLION dollars on Mother's Day Cards.

Flowers: It's a good week to be a florist. 2.4 BILLION will be spent on flowers this week.

Meals: Taking Mom to brunch? A lot of people are. 4.1 BILLION will be spent on eating out.

Gifts: 1.6 BILLION will be spent on spa, salon and massage gift-cards. 4.2 BILLION will be spent on jewelry.

Will you spend more than $170 like the average American? Have you even started your shopping, yet? Need some ideas? I asked Rochester moms what they wanted this year. Here are their responses.



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