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Go on, we won't judge-- have you watched what a new survey called the 'Trashiest TV Show in Minnesota?'

Conducting surveys these days is an entire cottage industry, thanks to all the information we willfully offer up on our various social media platforms. Surveys USED to be conducted by those folks walking around with clipboards at places like Apache Mall who would ask if you had time to answer a few of their questions.

But these days, just taking a look at what's trending on social media can tell us a lot about what's popular and what's not. And so it is that we now know what Minnesota LOVES to watch when it comes to those 'trashy' reality shows. (And 'trashy' is the term the folks at spruce.com used when they did this new survey, btw.)

You know the type they're talking about, right? Those guilty-pleasure reality shows like Dance Moms to Tiger King and, of course, every version of The Real Housewives Of... that we all like to watch now and again to try to escape the burning dumpster fire that is 2020. Overall, their survey, called 'Tuning In To Tune Out: America's Favorite Trash TV Shows For Self Care,' examined Google Trends data from 42 different 'trashy' reality shows. They then 'analyzed the trends based on state and region in order to get a better idea about how different Americans tune in to tune out,' the survey said.

So just which trashy show is the most popular here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes? Well, congrats to the cast and crew of the Bachleor in Paradise, because it ranked as The Trashiest TV Show In Minnesota according to the survey. It also came in as the Trashiest TV Show In Wisconsin as well.

But those were the only two states where that show came out as Trashiest. The show that was named Trashiest in eight different states was Catfish, followed by Tiger King, The Bachelor, Dance Moms and Keeping Up With The Kardashians. (You can check out where your favorite trashy show ranked HERE.)

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