This is coming from a guy who's had a lead foot since he earned his driver's license too.

I live up in the Country Club Manor, so I don't venture over to the northeast side of town that often unless it's for a movie or to visit friends who happen live over there. But this past weekend I went to Whistle Binkies to grab lunch with some old college friends who were in town for the weekend, so as I made my way over there I hopped on 37th Street to cut across town and as I'm cruising along I started to notice I'm getting passed on the road like I'm standing still.

I glanced down at my speed to make sure I wasn't driving like a grandpa, and of course I'm not because I like to go fast. I happened to be going 55 mph, which is actually speeding because the limit is 45 down that stretch of road.

Just for fun, and because I was running ahead of schedule, I turned around and traveled back towards Hy-Vee and then turned around a second time to head back to Binkies so I could see if everyone was speeding that afternoon. Turns out that's just how everyone drives down that street because I kept going 55 mph and cars and trucks kept right on passing me.

I realize this isn't the only road in town that people don't pay attention to the speed limit (West Circle Road anybody?!) but at least I know I'm not the only person in town with a lead foot either.

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