In a perfect world, it would never have come to this.

But we hardly live in a perfect world these days.

After countless incidents involving parents behaving badly at youth sporting events across the country, one Minnesota legislator is looking to put a stop to it in the North Star State.

Representative John Huot (DFL-Rosemount) has introduced HF 3352 in the current session of the Minnesota Legislature.

The bill calls for a new law that would impose a fine of up to $1,000 for 'individuals who are disruptive or physically interfere with an activity organizer, referee, player, or coach during a youth athletic activity.'

Fines would be imposed by the Minnesota Amateur Sports Commission and would be placed in a fund that would be used to develop youth officiating programs and establish grants to help address the referee shortage in the state.

The bill has been referred to the State and Local Government Finance and Policy for consideration.

This is the second time Huot has introduced legislation addressing this issue. In 2022, a similar bill never made it out of committee.

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