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I'm no legal scholar, but I'm guessing this law has to be one of the weirdest laws still on the books in Minnesota to this day.

Seeing that I was born and raised in Wisconsin, there have always been several Minnesota laws that always seemed a little strange to me. Especially that whole liquor-stores-can't-be-open-on-Sundays law that was finally repealed back in 2017. And Minnesota's 3/2 beer law (which is still in effect) is equally befuddling to me.

But I have to say that THIS law, also still on the books here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, is just as confusing. I'm talking about the law that strictly bans the greasing or oiling of pigs for contests.

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Yes, there IS such a law. Specifically, according to the Minnesota Legislature's Office of Revisor of Statutes, it's Minnesota law 342.36, It regulates-- or prohibits-- 'greased pig contests and turkey scrambles.' Here's what the law says:

No person shall operate, run or participate in a contest, game, or other like activity, in which a pig, greased, oiled or otherwise, is released and wherein the object is the capture of the pig, or in which a chicken or turkey is released or thrown into the air and wherein the object is the capture of the chicken or turkey.

Now, the animal lover in me is OK with the fact that this peculiar law is still on the books here in Minnesota. I'm guessing pigs-- greased or not-- probably don't want to take part in a game where they're chased and captured. Same thing for chickens or turkeys that are tossed into the air only to try to be captured again.

But I'm curious just WHAT spurred the Legislature back in 1971 (when the law was passed) into making those activities illegal. (Violating law 342.36 is a misdemeanor, the site says.) Was there NOTHING else to do in 1971? Was everyone across Minnesota so bored they were holding greased pig contests and turkey scrambles everywhere?

It's definitely one of the weirdest laws still in effect in Minnesota today, right? Speaking of laws, do you know which famous law took effect the year you were born? Keep scrolling to see when some now-common legislation was originally passed.

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