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Is Five Below about to get some new competition? It certainly sounds like it. Dollar General has plans of launching a new store in the very near future. A store that will feature a range of home and beauty goods priced around $5.

We believe shopping should be something you love to do. A time to wander. Explore. Linger. A momentary escape just for you. We make it fun to find what you need and easy to buy what you want. It’s the simple smile of discovery and the unexpected treat in home décor, beauty & body, household & specialty items, food & spices, crafts and toys.

This is popshelf. Where there’s fun in every find. Surprise on every shelf. And joy in every visit. - Popshelf

According to CNN BusinessPopshelf will open two locations in Nashville by the end of the month. They plan on opening another 30 stores by the end of next year. Will we get one here in Rochester? Maybe. The plan is to open in suburban areas that earn between $50,000 and $125,000 a year.

The Popshelf stores will be larger than the Dollar General's locations at about 9,000 square feet.

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