What’s the Dirtiest Thing in a Grocery Store?
2019 me didn't care about germs.  I never thought about germs.  I washed my hands when it was appropriate but I didn't go out of my way if I didn't need to.
2020 me only thinks about where to put my face when I sneeze.  What to do with my hands after I open a door withou…
The 411 on Black Friday Sales 2020 Style
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! The pandemic has definitely changed the way we shop, but many retailers ensure us that Black Friday will still happen. Just, not the way we are used to. Some are doing a week of savings, others are doing a month...
Prime Day Ends Today!
It's the final day of Amazon Prime Day. Get a head start on your Holiday shopping by taking advantage of all the great deals!

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