If you get a message President Trump on October 3rd, don't freak out, it's just a test!

FEMA recently announced that they would be testing the "presidential alert" system. With this system, the president can address the entire country about a threat and it would pop up on your phone like an Amber Alert does. Except you can choose to not get Amber Alert sent to you, these presidential alerts you can't turn notifications off for.

Tech Crunch says that the test will say “THIS IS A TEST of the National Wireless Emergency Alert System. No action is needed,” and then a few minutes later a similar test will run "over television, radio, and wireline video services."

This presidential alert system was included in the passing of the WARN Act in 2006 under the Bush administration. "The system aims to modernize the alerts system for a population increasingly moving away from televisions and towards mobile technology."

You can read more details about the presidential system HERE.



Tech Crunch

FEMA's Twitter


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