You want a strong, unique drink? This is the place to go! A New York style underground ambiance? Nailed it! The Doggery in downtown Rochester has been named one of the best in Minnesota, and we couldn't agree more.

In the article from Best Things Minnesota, they describe the Doggery as a place to get a drink that is sure to warm your soul!

Why do I love the Doggery? It's almost like taking a step out of Minnesota. I like it's one-of-a-kind style. It is my go-to place to check out with people from out of town! The drinks are delicious, and the mixologists are some of the best in the biz.

Do you think any other Rochester bars deserve to be on the list?

Other places to make the list:

  1. The Velveteen, Stillwater, MN
  2. Marvel Bar, Minneapolis, MN
  3. The Alchemist, White Bear Lake, MN
  4. The Rathskeller, Duluth, MN
  5. The Commodore Bar and Restaurant, St. Paul, MN
  6. Eat Street Social, Minneapolis, MN
  7. The Doggery, Rochester, MN
  8. W.A. Frost and Company, St. Paul, MN
  9. BLVD Kitchen & Bar, Minnetonka, MN
  10. Liquor Lyle’s, Minneapolis, MN

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