It's hard enough to find motivation to decorate your own house, let alone find an entire neighborhood to go along with your crazy Christmas plans. But this is seriously fun!

After a chilly start to the fall, we've been spoiled the past week and change with more comfortable temperatures. It's because of that that I've seen many of my neighbors up in the Country Club Manor in Rochester decorate their homes for the holidays.

This will be my second winter up in this side of town, and last year I was pleasantly surprised with how many people partake in decorating their homes with lights and yard ornaments! However, until my own kid gets old enough to appreciate them I'm not quite ready to join in all the fun - let alone go around and knocking on every door asking others to sync up their lights like in video below:

Talk about dedication! This is truly impressive if you think about it.

However, the only thing that's wrong with this is that one house on the corner that didn't participate. At first I didn't notice it because I was so in awe, but now it's just annoying the heck out of me. Way to ruin the moment, you Scrooge!

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