A hilarious moment was caught on live TV the other day up in Duluth, Minnesota. One of their news anchors was caught looking at his phone while live on TV. Busted!

The news anchor's name is Dan Hanger who works for Fox 21 News in Duluth. He's been with Fox 21 for over a decade according to Bring Me the News. Even though he's done thousands of broadcasts, there are still slip-ups that can happen, like this one.

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During the 9 PM broadcast on Wednesday, the camera went back to Dan... who was hanging out on his phone! Suddenly he notices he's live and laughed saying he thought they were going to the weather. He even fessed up to being on Instagram.

If this doesn't end up on the 2021 news bloopers I'll be upset. Those are always the funniest videos, and you can't blame them. When you're live who knows what can happen, especially if someone is having an off day.

The best part is that this isn't the first time Dan has gone viral for something he's done on live TV. Bring Me the News says that in 2018 he and sports anchor Sam Ali "got into an inadvertently sexual back-and-forth that can only be described as hilariously awkward." It was so funny that Jimmy Fallon featured it on his show.

At least he seems to handle these kinds of mess-ups well. I would hope that if I was live on TV I would handle it as well as he did but I know my face would have turned bright red.

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