Samm and I LOVE food (and in Samm’s case, drinks) so we decided we should hit up Thursdays on First every week to check out all the local vendors to see what they’re offering and try and get some trade secrets in the process!

In this episode, we stopped by Johnny Mango's to get a taste of their delicious gyros!  We also made a surprise stop next door to the Orthodox Greek Church to try a slice of their heavenly (and buttery) baklava!

That was Samm's first taste of baklava!  Pretty sure we'll both be going back to Johnny's AND the Orthodox Greek Church for more this summer!  Thank you to both of them for being such kind hosts and letting us crash their busiest lunch-hour rush to date!!

In case you missed any past videos, you can watch us stop by NEWT’S for a delicious Marvin Burger or even try some tasty treats at Chester’s Kitchen & Bar for some award winning treats and just a ‘sip’ of sangria!

As always, if you have any suggestions on where we should go next week, leave us a comment below and tell us what we need to eat or drink!  Until then – Happy eating (and drinking)!

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