It was a weird and wonderful weekend here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Minnesota sports across the board(er) won, and most by convincing fashion. The Wolves, Wild, Vikings, and Gopher men's and women's teams all took care of business.

Since when does that happen?!

Anyways as I was enjoying the Vikings victory last night with my wife, I came across a tweet of yet another incident of fans "fighting" in the stands at a NFL game... only it's not what I expected to see.

Look I'll be the first to admit that emotions run high when the Vikes play the Pack. Boarder battles/rivalries are what make sports so much damn fun. In fact, one of my best friends is a Packers fan and he and I razz each other all the time, but we make sure it's all in good fun and nothing gets personal. But for some people the game is more like life or death, and that's why one fan took it way too far in the stands of U.S. Bank Stadium.

An older Vikings fan had apparently had enough of a younger Packers fan sitting next to him with his loud cheering by threatening to "[expletive] tear you apart" if he continued his hollering. What happened next, well, you'll see...

Here's the video (WARNING – It contains offensive language)

And we thought Eagles fans were jerks? Good lord...

First of all, kudos to that young dude for keeping his cool and not making the situation worse. Second, had the Vikings not scored that touchdown in that moment who knows how much more things could have escalated?

To steal a popular quote from a future Hall of Fame quarterback, people just need to R-E-L-A-X! That's one of the reasons I'd rather stay home and watch the game on TV as opposed to paying $200 to see it in person because I don't need some drunk a** spilling beer on me and shouting obscenities the whole time.

Hope this old guy is embarrassed from his actions and gives up his seat(s) to family and friends that can actually behave themselves.

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