The holidays are just around the corner and that means the return of the Elf on the Shelf will soon be making his return to homes across the country.

While my family never partook in his brand of shenanigans when I was growing up, I continually see ol' Elfie pop up on my friends social media pages every year as they use him around their kids.

If you're like me, and just think it's too much work to come up with different situations and spots for him to pop up every day/night, then look no further than Elf on the Shelf's newest rival: Reindeer in Here!

Children’s author and father Adam Reed came up with the Reindeer in Here as a kind of anti-Elf on the Shelf. Instead of "spying" on the kids 24/7 for Santa and being off-limits for little hands to touch, the reindeer is “cute and cuddly” and comes to stay with families to learn about them and they can play with him, which kids will obviously love and most likely prefer.

According to the website, "After naming their own reindeer, the child is encouraged to show it around, taking it to a different place each day, both inside and out of the house so that when Santa comes on Christmas Eve, he knows as much as possible about the child, how good they've been and exactly where to deliver the presents."

They even have a chart pointing out the differences between that old Elf on the Shelf and the adorable Reindeer:


So what do you think: Are you willing to shelf the Elf for the newer and cuddlier model, or are you nostalgic-type and willing to stick with tradition?

Here's a fun video I did with a buddy of mine a couple years ago showing what the Elf on the Shelf could be like, if it were pure evil:

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