OMG, is there real life? The future is here. Remember when vanity plates were all the rage? I remember wanting the "sweet16" plate SO bad. I mean, seriously how cool would that look on my hunk of junk 1990 Dodge Shadow? Today's teenagers are going to have a new option - Emoji license plates!

Well, that is, if they live in Australia. According to CNN, Australia will be the first to introduce Emojis to license plates beginning in March. I wouldn't be surprised if they made their way to the U.S. shortly after. As of now, there are five Emoji symbols to pick from and unfortunately, the poo symbol is not one of them. Let's be real, it's because everyone would be driving around with the poo emoji if it were one of the selections.

Australians will be able to add the "laugh out loud," "heart," "smile," "wink," and/or "sunglasses" Emojis to their license plates. These look like license plates you'd have on a Barbie Dream Car, not a real vehicle. Check them out:



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