Have you ever found something interesting while you were cleaning up your yard or gardens?  Well, an adorable and very unexpected find happened by the Clean and Safe Ambassadors in Downtown Rochester, Minnesota.  And when you see the photos below, you'll see why.  #SoCute

James Rabe (TSM)
James Rabe (TSM)

Unexpected Find in Downtown Rochester, Minnesota by Ambassadors

If you've been walking or driving around downtown Rochester, you may have noticed quite a few people in bright orange shirts with the word "Ambassador" on the back.  These are the proud members of the Clean and Safe Ambassador program that we have and they do a great job helping our downtown area stay clean.  We've got a ton of garbage that people seem to leave in various spots and they are always out picking those pieces of trash up as well as help people who might need a little guidance on which building their appointments are in for Mayo Clinic.

A shocking surprise showed up in one of their latest adventures in downtown Rochester and it is one that will definitely put a smile on your face.

Clean and Safe Ambassdor Tim can add “kitten” safety to the list of cleaning, safety, and hospitality services the Ambassadors provide. This little cutie was found by Hotel Indigo and safely brought back to the Ambassadors’ office. - Downtown Rochester, Minnesota Facebook Page


Cute, isn't it?!  I hear that they named their new friend "Indigo".

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