I think I can safely say most people are really sick of winter right now. It appears the only way to escape is by flying south, right? Wrong!

Starting this Saturday the Minnesota Zoo is hosting a family-friendly Tropical Beach Party! The first day is the 16th and it goes through March 10th. Make sure the kids bring their favorite pail and other sandbox toys!

There are two giant indoor sandboxes for the kids to play in and of course, you can check out the indoor tropics trail (which is always at an amazing 78 degrees!). There will be opportunities to learn more about a specific animal with "close encounters," learn more about our impact on sea turtles (hint: one way you can help sea turtles is by using reusable grocery bags!), and there are special weekend activities.

Some of the weekend activities include family activities at Discovery Bay, a Tropical Reef Dive Show, and a Hawaiian Monk Seal demo.

Check out all weekend events and more details about the Tropical Beach Party HERE!


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