The Mall of America recently announced that they'll be opening a new outdoor skating rink this winter! (Read more about that HERE.) But that's not the only new attraction opening up at MOA within the next few months.

Have you ever wanted to dive into a pool of marshmallows? Or admire pieces of artwork made entirely from candy? Then Candytopia is the place for you!

City Pages writes that Candytopia is a "17,000-square-foot interactive art experience" that's "a multi-room, fully edible 'candy kingdom.'" It's one of those attractions that moves around too, so their most recent locations were in New York and San Diego.

When you're at Candytopia you're showered with all kinds of samples! And one of the special things about the MOA location is that it's going to have Twin Cities landmarks made out of candy on display. Now that's cool!

Unfortunately, tickets are pretty expensive: $26-34! But Candytopia won't be around forever so maybe it's worth the once in a lifetime experience of diving into a bunch of marshmallows. Seriously, there's a giant vat of marshmallows you can jump in, check out pictures on their Instagram!

Candytopia will open for a limited time starting in March.


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