You are probably aware of how deadly the flu strain was this year for humans. Did you know there was also a spike in "dog flu" cases across the country? Cornell University's Dr. Amy Glaser explains there are two different strains of dog flu virus being reported around the country and almost every dog that is exposed becomes infected. One in ten dogs that get the flu, end up dying. Animal experts in our area are warning pet-owners to keep an eye on their dog.

According to a press release: Leashes & Leads, just west of Rochester on Hwy 14, will be hosting a forum to discuss issues the "dog flu" virus poses and offer possible solutions. This event, which will be held on Thursday, March 1st at 6 pm, will feature a panel of local veterinarians, pet health professionals, and a vaccine company representative. It will be free, open for the public to attend, and live streamed via Facebook.

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