Facebook is making it easier for you to hook up in 2019. The social media giant has a  new feature called "Secret Crush" that allows users to select people on their friends list that they're interested in, and if the person selects you on "Secret Crush" you both receive a notification letting you know - It. Is. On.

Business Insider says this feature is only available in select countries at this point.  It's not here in the U.S. yet according to their article: "In an emailed announcement, a Facebook spokesperson said "we don't have news to share (yet) about the launch in the U.S." — suggesting that it seems on the cards in the future."

Meanwhile, Facebook is rolling out another feature called "Meet New Friends". This will allow users to message strangers that share common interests with them. I don't like the idea of an inbox full of messages from random people so I hope we'll be able to disable this feature.

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