Facebook is tired of hearing about fake news too. So they're taking extra measures to ensure you are reading from a reliable source. Typically topics appeared on your newsfeed based on shares, likes and interest. Now Facebook is including how many publishers are also sharing the topic.This is a good thing because the new algorithms will ensure credibility of the topic with how many publishers are posting it and the overall engagement of it too.

But the changes didn't stop there! Facebook is also adding an additional sub-headline, giving more descriptions to the preview of what the article is about. Also, topics typically only showed based on interests. This has been changed. Articles will now show to everyone in the same region.

This is all good news considering how much fake news was circulated last year, especially during the elections. Fake news is a hotly contested topic right now and it's especially important that the press continue to be the voice of the people without fake news mixed in with it.

Want to know more details on the new changes prohibiting fake news? Check it out here.

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