A grieving woman on Reddit was slammed after sneaking her dog into her grandpa's funeral, ultimately "ruining" his service.

Her family is now shunning her.

According to The Mirror, the anonymous woman shared her story on Reddit, explaining why she disobeyed her family's wishes and broke the funeral home's strict no-animal rule.

"I recently lost my grandfather and was really close to him. He was the one who got me my dog, Oswald," she wrote, adding "when it came time for his funeral, I wanted to bring Oswald with me as a way to honor him."

"However, my family said that no animals were allowed, and I had to leave Oswald at home. I pleaded with them, but they wouldn't budge," she continued.

Taking matters into her own hands, the woman decided to sneak Oswald into the service to say their final goodbyes. She shared that the dog "was well-behaved and just sat by [her] feet the whole time."

Then, all hell broke loose. Her aunt spotted the dog "and started yelling," telling her she was "being disrespectful."

"That's when I lost it and got into a shouting match with her. It turned into a big scene and ruined the funeral," the woman wrote.

Many Reddit users in the comments agreed the woman was disrespectful for bringing the dog along.

"You disobeyed your family and brought a dog into a venue that doesn't allow dogs. It may be upsetting, but there's a reason dogs aren't allowed in certain places," one person wrote.

"Maybe you can visit your grandfather's grave site with your dog at a later date?" another commented.

"Not only were you wildly disrespectful in breaking the rules, then you blew up when someone called you out for it?" someone else weighed in.

"Your grandfather must have been rolling over in his grave. If you were my kid and you pulled something like that, I would be so mortified and embarrassed by the sheer disrespect you showed," another user shared.


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