This is just a friendly heads up of sorts in case you haven't indulged in any chips n' guac lately and don't want a bit of a surprise - Chipotle looks a little different right now. BUT don't worry, Chipotle said they will remain open during the construction!

TSM Rochester - SM
TSM Rochester - SM

Yeah, imagine my surprise as I was heading downtown to work yesterday when I happened to glance over to see the south Chipotle under some major construction both inside and out. What the heck's going on over there anyway? 

Well my curiosity got the best of me this morning as I left my gym because: A) I'm nosy like that, and B) We fans of Chipotle have a right to know!

Turns out that particular location is just getting a major overhaul in decor. The company's been working on getting this done for quite some time and they're getting rid of all the sheet metal inside the building. So when it's all said and done, it'll be a completely new restaurant.

After speaking with a couple of the individuals on site working, some of whom recognized me and gave me grief for being so inquisitive, they told me the changes would be complete in the next 3-4 weeks. They also weren't sure if the other location in Rochester were next in line for any renovations?

So again, if you're in need of a Chipotle fix, you can still head to this location, but know you will need to navigate another Rochester construction area!


Update on Aug. 10: The previous version stated the location would be closed during construction. Chipotle confirmed that they will still be serving customers during the renovations. 

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