First, you have to wonder what foods would those be?  Are there any foods that are ok to eat after the expiration date?  I mean... it's expired.  Doesn't that mean you should throw it out?  Well, the simple answer is probably, yes, you should.  The longer answer is that it isn't always necessary to do so, and you can use your best judgment as to what to consume and what not to.  And there are some foods that are an absolute no-no to eat after the "date."  And of course, freezing foods also is to be taken into consideration.

In this time of a world wide pandemic, people were buying in bulk. First, it was to make sure you had food because you just knew we were going to run out, for some reason. And secondly, which I understand, was to limit the trips you may be taking to the grocery store.

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So, what are the foods that are usually ok to consume after the "expired" or "best if used by" date?

What is OK to Eat After the Expiration Date

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