There were four adorable puppies brought into the Border Collie Rescue of Minnesota recently. They are now looking for people interested in fostering these cute little guys (or gals? I'm not sure, they didn't specify).

These puppies are so cute! Well, all puppies are cute, let's not kid ourselves here. Right now these puppies are not ready for adoption, they just need a temporary place to call home for the time being. On their Facebook page, the Border Collie Rescue of Minnesota says they need 2-3 more foster families for these puppies.


If you're looking at these cute faces thinking "Man, I really want to adopt one of them right now!" You know, sometimes people who foster pets end up adopting them so maybe that would be a possibility? Or maybe your better bet is just watching their website. They say in the Facebook post that they'll post these puppies on their site once they're ready to be adopted.

And like they say in the Facebook post, if you want to foster one of the puppies (or any of their other dogs!) then you can go to their website ( to fill out a form. I hear that fostering pets is very fulfilling so maybe now is the time to give it a try! Or if fostering isn't for you, then at least you got to look at pictures of adorable puppies for a little bit today.

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