Fireworks aren't the only things that can hurt your pets on the 4th of July. Many of us will be grilling out, swimming, playing yard games and spending as much time outside as possible on the 4th. But, with that comes lots of stuff that can harm you fur-baby - alcohol, sunscreen, bug spray, glow necklaces, lighters and more. Here's how to keep your four-legged friend safe during the holiday.

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Keep them inside. Pet MD recommends that you leave them at home! You may want to bring them with you to the grill out or the fireworks, but they are safer at home not in a crowded, unfamiliar place. The panic caused by fireworks or other loud noises may make them break their restraint, runoff, or jump a fence in a terrified attempt to find safety. Plus, you don't want them getting into any of the stuff I listed above.

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Talk to your vet. If your pet is seriously distressed by loud noises and there is no safe or quiet space in your home, talk to your veterinarian to find alternative ways to help reduce the stress, fear, and anxiety of your pet during fireworks. We cover our pup's kennel with a blanket and turn on the radio to try and drown out the sound and lights. I was also reading about medicine that you can give your anxious dog to calm them down.

Make sure your animals are properly ID'd. If you choose to take your pet with you, that's your choice. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best. Make sure they have some sort of collar tag with your phone number and/or address on it so they hopefully get home safely.


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