I'm a big beer fan and I love trying new beers. More and more breweries keep popping up around the country and they all come with their own unique ideas. I've seen some pretty creative beers and this one that comes from a brewery in Newton, Iowa is definitely up there as one of the most creative.

Some breweries have gotten a little wild with their beers. One Minnesota brewery in the Twin Cities, Bald Man Brewing, releases a new "strange beer" each Wednesday. They create beers like a hazy pale ale infused with pineapple and jalapeño or key lime kölsch infused with fresh ginger.

Refreshing Cold Craft Beer Assortment of IPA Lager and Stout
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I'd say I'm pretty open-minded when it comes to trying new beers. Really, my only thing is that typically I'm not an IPA person. If you give me a strange-flavored beer I'll probably try it, even this Iowa beer that was made with flowers!

Yes, seriously, this beer was made from flowers.

Spring tulips

Flower Beer

The brewery is called Gezellig Brewing and they came out with a new beer made from tulips. Their menu says that the beer is "brewed using locally grown tulip petals and bulbs".

It's a wheat beer and I enjoy wheat beers so you know what, I'd totally try this! They don't say what exactly it tastes like but I'd imagine it would be a little florally. Maybe sort of fruity?

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