You've probably heard people say that dog's mouths are cleaner than human mouths. That's simply not true. The truth is all mouths are pretty gross and full of bacteria.  A USA Today article from last summer explained there are more than 700 different types of bacteria in a dog's mouth.

Now new research suggests that dogs might be one reason why some women suffer from urinary tract infections during their lives. The Daily Mail reported on the study and says, "It is unclear how dogs may infect their owners with UTIs. Nonetheless, study author Dr. Peter Damborg, from the University of Copenhagen, urges pet owners to avoid being licked by their animals, particularly if they have weak immune systems."

In other pet news, A dog and cat treat sold across southeast Minnesota could cause life-threatening food poisoning to both the animals and their owners that handle it. Click here to read the warning and think twice before kissing Fido next time.

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