Governor Dayton made a shocking announcement at a press conference today! After collapsing at last night's State of the State address, he admits that he's been diagnosed with prostate cancer. What does this mean for the rest of his term? And of course, just how serious is it? 

The 69-year-old governor WILL finish out the last two years of his current term, and is not seeking re-election, according to WCCO.

Last night wasn't the first time Dayton has fainted on stage. In February of last year, he was hospitalized after passing out at a hot and crowded event. Here's the disturbing video of him fainting last night.

He is headed to the Mayo Clinic and, overall, he seems to have a positive outlook on his condition and what he'll need to do to fight it. We wish the governor all the best as he battles prostate cancer. And we know Mayo Clinic will

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