Several states have started closing businesses again due to a spike in Coronavirus cases. Florida, California, Texas, and Arizona have closed some or all of their restaurants and bars. Meanwhile, in Minnesota, at a press conference yesterday Governor Walz said if businesses are going to stay open here, something's gonna have to change. Since a high number of cases are being linked to bars here in Minnesota, Walz says all options are on the table - revoking the bar's license if they don't follow health guidelines or possibly another statewide closure, this according to the Pioneer Press.

When asked about a statewide mask mandate, Walz said, "Everything’s on the table." Before you him and haw, which trust me, full disclosure, I was too. Check this out - a study by Washington State University reveals that wearing a mask could help save 33,000 lives by October 1st. Masks are now required when visiting Rochester City Government sites and Olmsted County Public heath is already recommending that everyone wear a mask when going out in public.

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