Just in time for 70 degree days, Halloween Express is open at the Miracle Mile in Rochester. Does it seem a little early? Well, with Custom Costumes closed, maybe there's more need than we can imagine.

For now, the Halloween Express is only open Fridays thru Sundays from 12 PM - 6 PM. But as we get closer to Halloween, those hours will open up significantly.

Seeing this store always makes me think of the time my mother PROMISED me a Superman Costume for Halloween. But she didn't take me with her to shop, so what did I get? NOT a Superman costume. A costume-like thing with a picture of Superman on the chest.

Superman doesn't wear a picture of himself on his chest. He was a big ol' S. Even the picture of Superman they had on the chest of this so-called costume, had an S on his chest. So they KNEW they were making a bogus costume.

I was mad at my mom, the betrayal ran deep, but I know it wasn't her fault. How could she know the intricacies of the costume needs of a 7-year-old? I did try to make up for it later on in life, by creating my "greatest" costume ever. An Intergalactic Unicorn Hunter.

CREDIT: James Rabe
CREDIT: James Rabe

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