Extremely Sad Update About The Wandering Moose in Iowa

This was not the news that I wanted to hear as I finished up my week.  :(  On my bucket list is to hopefully, someday, see a moose in the wild.  When I heard that one was spotted in Iowa and Minnesota recently, I thought my chance might be possible without traveling too far.  Unfortunately, some sad news was just shared about this unique animal wandering around.


I was thinking of making a road trip to Iowa - not to see the moose - but to see my family and the tree near I-35 that had 80,000 Christmas lights on it.  Before I hit the road, I went over to one of my favorite meteorologist's Facebook pages.  Chris Kuball was in Rochester for quite a bit but is now hanging out in Iowa and providing weather updates there.  Since my family lives in Iowa, he was my first thought when I wondered what snow/rain/mixture might show up these next few days.  (You do a great job, Chris!)  I went to check out his Facebook page to find out the latest weather info and that is where I saw the sad update about the wandering moose in Iowa.


Not often you see a majestic moose down in Iowa. What a beautiful animal!
Unfortunately, this isn't a happy ending. This young bull ventured out onto the thin ice of East Lake Okoboji in NW Iowa. Last seen Wednesday evening, it is likely the moose broke through and drown in the lake.
Video Credit: Tom Gustafson - Chris Kuball Meteorologist Facebook Page

According to the comments on the page, other individuals stated that the moose did in fact drown.

Before its unfortunate passing, a pretty phenomenal video of the moose was captured as it was standing on the ice of East Lake Okoboji.

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