Alright, so many of you may know by now that I'm getting married. YAY! The wedding is at the end of December (6 months from tomorrow actually... AHHHH!) so things are starting to come together!

One thing that we need to decide pretty soon is the groomsmen attire. My fiance and I have slightly different views of what they should wear.


So here's a little background to help you help me:

We know for sure they will be wearing medium grey tuxes.

The bridesmaid dresses are wine colored so the groomsmen will have wine colored bow ties (Mat is not budging on the bow tie thing, which I'm cool with!).

Mat (the groom) will be wearing a grey vest with a plaid, wine-colored bow tie.


Now, this is where we hit a bump: We want Mat to stand out so my thought was that the guys won't wear vests. They'll have the grey tuxes with the ivory undershirt and the maroon bow tie. But Mat thinks they should have gold vests (some of our decorations are gold). I'm worried that adding the gold will be too much going on.

So we've been to the store before that we are going to rent tuxes from and I have a picture of what it would look like with the gold vest:

Carly Ross - Townsquare Media

But unfortunately no picture of what it'd look like with no vest so just use your imagination!

What do you think would look better? Please help!

Also, here is a picture of what Mat will be wearing for reference:

Carly Ross - Townsquare Media


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