In an ever changing economy, non-profits sometimes struggle with staying in the black. Non-profits are typically reliant on volunteers, donors and government grants. This can present challenges if giving is not sufficient or there's changes in government support. Rochester is also a pretty giving community but even so - with so many capital campaigns it can be challenging to keep all of our local non-profits afloat.

You might be wondering how you can help. Our local non-profits add tremendous value to our community so I am sure I am not the only one that thinks we oughta keep them around as long as possible. I asked a few non-profits experts on how we can all help. Here's how:

In-Kind Donations

We have a program called "Gifts in Kind" where a business or individual can donate items we use to support our camp programs or administration services. These can be anything from paper products to fuel. It can greatly reduce some expense lines in a non-profits budget.
Gamehaven Council

Attend events

Encouraging people to sign up for [events] Litter Bit Better and/or come to our April 29th tree planting would be amazing.

- Rene Jones Lafflam, RNeighbors


Volunteer and Network

There is community as a whole...

There is community as individuals...

As a whole...provide a means for the non-profit to share their story and celebrate that story.

As individuals...think about passion and how one can connect that passion for the good of others through a non-profit. Service beyond know all about this focus (RAK) :)
- Guy Finne, Past Board Chair, PossAbilities, Inc.

Advice from another Non-Profit

Keep your expenses down

Don't spend money you don't have

Leverage volunteers in all aspects of the organization

Partner with other organizations

Accept in-kind gifts of labor and supplies

Purchase used computer equipment from ABC

Check out Paper Tiger for printing services


Apply for grants from organizations that believe in your cause

Keep a grant calendar to ensure you don't miss grant application deadlines

Ask for money from individuals, businesses, churches, and service groups

Encourage seniors to donate from their IRA required distributions and gift annuities

Welcome donations of stock


-Beth Kosta, Community Food Response President

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