Alright everybody. If you're a last minute shopper like me then you're running out of time to buy that special someone something for Valentine's Day!

Truth be told, I'm not a big fan of Valentine's Day. My wife has known this since year one and it's been hit or miss if we celebrate it, if at all. But I always try to get her something small, cheap and unique in order to let her know I still love and appreciate her.

Could I tell you exactly what I bought her last year, or the year before? Absolutely not, I'm a guy. But after quizzing her, a few of her office-mates, and a couple women around my own office, here's a list of cheap and easy things to buy for Valentine's Day that women really want, that's all under $20:

  • Bottle of their favorite wine
  • Personal Coupon Book - Good for massages, watching the kids for a girls night out etc...
  • Travel mug full of their favorite chocolate
  • Fuzzy blanket or fuzzy socks
  • Movie tickets - "50 Shades" anyone?
  • Ice cream gift card
  • Bath bombs or salts and then block off a time for them to be alone and relax with them
  • Candles
  • Car wash - Women love a clean car, so maybe take it and clean it up for them?
  • Heart-shaped pizza - Because why not?
  • Go to Hy-Vee and pick out their favorite flavor of jelly beans, or make a delicious trail mix
  • "Time to Myself" gift card - Take the kids for an hour or two and let them just be
  • Tacos - Again, why not?
  • Target gift card - You know that's where they'd rather be anyway

So there you have it. While some are more unique than others, some are just plain obvious when you think about it.

Ladies, what's something else you would add to this list?

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